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Industrial Tour - JBIET 5

In the chilly month of December, how would it be for a group of engineering cronies to take some time off their college and semester exams, and go to places like Kulu, Manali, Delhi, Amritsar!? Sounds utterly staggering, doesn’t it? The students of Civil engineering students of JBIET were all set and geared up for this industrial tour that they had planned for. ”Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including... Read→

Protest @ JBIET

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Protest at JBIET

A beautiful and a pleasant morning took off on a crimson note on 5th February, 2009 in the college premises. Students gathered in numerous groups and soon made one large one and started hollering slogans like “We want justice!” Most of the JNTU affiliated college are quite acclimatized with the changed college timings after the long break they got because of the bandhs and strikes by the telangana activists. The second semester, which was supposed to start in a week or two after the exams end, did not start, because of the strikes that... Read→

JBIET Mech Industrial tour 01

Most of the students have had nightmares of boredom after being done with the JNTU examinations. A few of them were happy for various reasons. Since, the last exam marks an end of one shuddering semester. A few of them could take a break from college and go to their home town, while the others could just while away time. The end of this semester marks something else too, for the mechanical engineering students of JBIET; The very much awaited, ‘INDUSTRIAL TOUR’! These two words created lot of enthusiasm when the news reached the students.... Read→

JBIET Industrial Tour 01

All the students of ECE discipline at JBIET jumped in joy, merely on hearing the news that they were going on a tour. It was more of a vibrant, pleasurable tour scripting a tale of unending joyous moments, than just another tour in which one visits only the industries! As they were all set for the most awaited journey after one dreary semester, plans started popping up among the students. They were all set and ready for the best part of the fours years of their engineering life. The places they covered were:  Bangalore and Kerala (Athirampall,... Read→

Mr.Suresh giving his valuable speech. Credit: Pearl Rive

The Rotaract Club of JBIET organized a fantastic fest for students from all Engineering colleges. The fest was a huge success as there was a fairly good turnout. The fest had several rounds of group discussion, debate, Quiz, LAN gaming, extempore, JAM, Treasure Hunt etc. over a span of two days, i.e the 19th and 20th of September, 2009. They arranged college buses to ferry the participants. “We had a real nail biting experience as we were denied time for our paper presentation but luckily the organizer managed to squeeze time in between and now... Read→


Here’s an amazing avenue for those, who have ideas and thoughts about helping the mankind – The Rotary Club. The Rotary International is an organization, which provides selfless service for those in need. This is a globally recognized organization, which has the support of approximately one million people. It is located in at least thirty thousand centers across the world. ‘Rotaract club of JBIET’, which is a part of Rotary International, was initialized in September 2008 and it is successfully going to complete a tenure of one year. The... Read→


No, this is definitely not about letting the current pass through the body and getting the hair upright! This is about Electronics and Electricals at JBIET, where one can do things like connecting the circuits, making them work, destroying them, diffusing the fuses (as most of the students have great fun in doing  so- in the labs), lighting bulbs, etc. Here is Electronics and Communication Engineering. Thanks to Thomas Edison none of us miss the sun when the day ends. The ECE classroom at JBIET produces numerous such ‘Edisons’! This department... Read→

Mech 1

Is the new generation passionate about Bikes, Formula1 Cars, Gadgets, Engines, Gears, Fighter Jets?  From where do people get the ‘cool home’ in the ‘sizzling hot summers’? How the air conditioners function? Does the youth  notice how stuff works? Stuff without which one can’t think of surviving!? Welcome to Mechanical Engineering. When the counseling starts, all the Intermediate pass outs, with their EAMCET rank cards, scratch their heads for deciding on what branch they have to choose. What we generally hear is, “If you are a... Read→


Heard of phrases like ‘my gang’, ‘inmates of the adda’, ‘our group’, ‘apne log’? This is something that prevails in each and every college. Hotspots of a college are definitely not the dais or the declamatory auditoriums; these are the places where the so called ‘gangs’ of the college hang out. When the students of JBIET were inquired about the hotspots of the college, a long list of nearly insignificant places was obtained! A 3rd year student, Pooja says, “In a day of 24 hours, excluding... Read→


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Dance. Credit: Zooid Linda “Every one has their own style of living and dressing”, says a student of JBIET. I would rather call this college secular for a completely different basis. Here you find different people interested in completely different things mingling together, co existing together, which sounded completely exotic to me. It is “unity in diversity” put to life. Everyone has a unique idea of spending time. Few have constructive way of thinking while the others look for entertainment. For example few go for classes in holidays... Read→

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