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Education in Telangana 01

It was a pleasant Tuesday morning when students headed to the college, geared up for work after a long spell of “holidays”. Soon, the lecturers were giving enthusiastic lectures to the students, trying to inspire them to be more creative and students in turn, were absorbing whatever they could from the lectures. The aftereffects of leisure were evident from the hunger for work. The students were not even drowsy with the lectures when, suddenly, the whole college was startled by a group of people screaming at the top of their lungs.... Read→

Public display of affection 01

Valentine’s day has just gone by and certainly has left its after effects which compel so many people (especially the one’s who think it’s a pure waste of time) to “think” about certain things like, ‘Why do people have to show so much affection on this particular day?’ And ‘Why do they have to show their affection publicly? ’Aren’t there better places to do it?’ and so on and so forth. While there are some who think this day should be a national holiday to express their love and affection to their loved one /“ones” (did... Read→

Youth health 01

Youth – the most fun part of every person’s life and probably the most carefree part as well. Who cares what you do, what you wear, where you go, what you eat as long as you are having some “fun”! Take Japheth Paul, an applied arts student from JNA & FAU for instance. He wakes up in the morning, late for college, as usual. With absolutely no time for breakfast, he rushes to the college on a hungry stomach. He feels his stomach growl as each hour passes, his eyes stuck on the clock which is taking forever to get its hands on the right... Read→

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