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JNTU inter college 01

It takes a scorching ride of about 50 km to reach Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology(MLRIT), which is located at the outskirts of Hyderabad. Marri Laxman Reddy Institute of Technology( MLRIT) was chosen for the annual inter college event for its spacious grounds and well equipped facilities. The college was adorned with various JNTU-H flags and banners which created a beautiful vision for the participants. The scene upon entering the college premises was adorned with the cheerful participants in various jerseys, proudly boasting... Read→

SUCP-Where Dreams get dispensed 01

Sultan-ul-Uloom College of Pharmacy ( SUCP) was established in the year 1997 under the supervision of Sultan-ul-uloom Education Society (SUES). It addressed the need of a college that could suffice the ambitions of the Muslim minority students in the field of Pharmacy. The college has its humble presence on the vast campus of the society at Banjara Hills along with the prominent colleges like MJCET, SU college of LAW, Amjad Ali Khan college of Business Administration. The campus is beautifully landscaped with lush trees stretched all over the... Read→

Vexed with shoddy acads 01

Youth is momentarily opting for proficient courses rather than generic arts strengthening the stand of the technical regime in our country. Early settlement and ample self employment opportunities are probably the consequent reasons for this phenomenon while parents’ backing is another root cause intensifying this act. When inquired, why would any parent ask his children to pick a technical course uninterestedly though they are enthusiastic about learning something else which falls under this general degree category, ‘a graduate in general... Read→

deserted colleges 3

We all remember how we use to get up early in the morning and pray to God asking for a holiday at college, sometimes asking for our teachers to fall sick, or praying for an aging politician to continue there journey beyond this world and leave us with a day’s break from regular college. But as we grew up, we started loosing faith in prayers which eventually slowed down and we were introduced to the world of Colleges where holidays or no holidays but BUNKING always ruled the scene. But things change and guess the unasked prayers are answered... Read→

Time of terror 01

All the final year students are now looking calm suddenly. Though juniors have joined the colleges, nobody is facing the wrath of ragging by their super seniors, the final year students. The reason – They are themselves terrorized by a bigger scare called the Project Seminars. The time is round the corner when all the funky-junky hip crowd of the college also starts to dress in formals; one can witness people, who had forced juniors to call them “Sirs” and “Madams”, now wishing their lecturers in corridor very decently. They say impression... Read→

Internal exam woes in colleges 01

The classes were calm and suddenly a wave of terror had hit the whole college building, the complete strength of the class was present and surprisingly, still there was a pin drop silence. Lecturers, for the first time in this semester were seen smiling, it was then told: “Let The Exams Begin!” JNTU, as always, has been coming up with new and unique ways to trouble the students; this time around, it was done so by changing the exam patterns and the allotment of marks. Rajiv, a 2nd year student of CMEC, quotes, “Earlier, our seniors... Read→

JNTU Results

By Deccan Tifosi On June - 29 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The last few days left, nightmares for some, windfalls for some, just jejune for some. Who are these some??? What are these some??? “SOME” are the hapless victims, fortunate punters, meticulous ones respectively. Well, that’s how you can classify the students of JNTU affiliated colleges, who have just obtained their results in their corresponding semester examinations. Why such a classification? Well, because of the renowned JNTU correction. With the new Vice-Chancellor in power, thought it was changed for the better, but did it actually... Read→

The new pattern for testing undergraduate students pursuing their B.Tech course in JNTU was announced during November,2008. Initially, the external examination pattern was set up as 5 questions to be answered out of 8 and the as per the new pattern, all 8 questions are to be answered with an internal choice. Though initially welcomed with an awe of surprise, shock, amazement and a little hope for betterment, this novel pattern has also been accompanied by certain level of disagreement from the students’ point of view. During an exam... Credit:... Read→

An IEEE women students congress 2008 was held at the UGC Auditorium on the 12th and 13th of July,2008 conducted exclusively for all the girl Credit: Swarm Swain students across the city. Indeed this was an equally educative and entertaining interactive session conducted by the IEEE for the benefit of the future entrepreneurs with budding talents who are shaping up their dream careers in the various engineering colleges in town. “Dream your goal, set your vision, build your team and you become an entrepreneur says “ Smt. Anita Sakuru , CEO of... Read→

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