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Birthday Cake. Credit: Coherent Cody

A ‘Birthday’ is conventionally a day when one enjoys, has fun, throws a party, receives many wishes and gifts and would want it to be a memorable day. Some may even realize a sense of responsibility. People celebrate it with friends and family, some in a traditional way and some in a wild manner. Here in KMIT, birthdays are always celebrated with great frolic and fun. Everyone has different ideas and plans. Some just want to take the day off and want to have quiet get together, while the others prefer hanging out till late and enjoy... Read→

Orientation Day at KMIT 01

The Orientation day at KMIT was undoubtedly the most awaited day for freshers. It was a day for which the management and even the seniors had been waiting eagerly. It was held on 14th of September in the KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology) auditorium. The management was well prepared for the day. Many changes took place; the first year block labs were set up properly, everything was well cleaned up, posters were put up, welcoming the juniors and also not to forget the anti-ragging posters. The day before the orientation day must have... Read→

The rag wing of KMIT!

By Poet's Revenge On September - 24 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
The rag wing of KMIT 01

The sun was up early on the first day of college and as a comprehensive set of freshers stepped in to Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, everything seemed dramatic to them. There was no fear of being ragged by the demigods of the college because the very efficient and well known principal, Mr.Neil Gogte had implemented strict rules and took a further step to ensure a ragging-free environment, also by re-scheduling the time table. Classes for the first year students started on time and almost everyone was excited at the thought of finally pursuing... Read→

Evergreen Field of Electronics Prospers @ KMIT 01

Electronics as of today is being considered as one of the most extensive, dynamic and flourishing fields of Science and Technology. With the continuous advancements and technological innovations, it is under a constant flux, finding applications in all human endeavors. Despite many companies and businesses being hit by ‘Recession’, the Electronics industry has managed to keep itself at bay due to it’s growing range of products and consumer demand. Electronic Engineers have an edge over the other engineering students as the branch... Read→

College canteen KMIT

“Students run from the classes as if the gates of prison are opened and all of them rush to the canteen for some really delicious food that would satisfy their appetites. When I first joined the college, my mom said she wouldn’t be packing any tiffin and she asked me to have my lunch at the canteen, but now, I force her to pack my tiffin as I do not want to have anything at this nasty place. There is no variety, sometimes no taste to the dishes they prepare. It makes me sick to have those meals”, complains Disha. We interviewed... Read→

first year block

Another year has passed by, with a sense of pride among the juniors that they will soon have that dignity of being called a ’senior’. Students discuss how they will rag their juniors. Thinking of innovative tricks, the to-be-seniors want to prove that, now ‘it’s our time to boss around!’. Some of the students talk about how situations forced them to join the college and whether they regret or rejoice the decision they made. We queried the present batch about what made them join KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology),... Read→

First KPL match

Cricket lovers finally find their fantasies come true at the KMIT (Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology) grounds, with the KPL being organized since the 11th of July, 2009. Pranav, a student of the same college came up with this cool idea of forming a premier league, just like the IPL. The idea was then put forward to the management with all its particulars and in no time, the whole idea materialized. Pranav, as mentioned, the mind behind this fabulous idea and one of the major person arranging and handling the event, talks to us about how he... Read→

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