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Music is the soul of a happy life. It comes across as something that can convey millions of emotions at the same time. Not only does it portray vibrant shades of joy and happiness, but also encompass the dark side of life in its huge armory of varied genres. Music has always been something that has inspired millions and millions of people and the youth, today, seem to be the most “inspired” lot. Their mindsets are going through what we could call a transition period. More and more of them are picking up a musical instrument, much to the surprise... Read→

Resonance at Loyola 01

Loyola Academy, an autonomous institution is known for a host of reasons. Lush green campus, power of autonomy, stringent rules, an oversized academic curriculum and a long list of exams are, to name a few. Apart from its inclination towards excellence in academics, Loyola Academy has had a culture of promoting various talents in varied extra curricular fields to foster its students to excel as an all-rounder. Every year, a 3-day Resonance week is held, wherein, varied kinds of intra-college competitions are held between all the streams of the college. Resonance... Read→

Computer Science at LA 01

“It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that, the year 1978 is when it all started at Loyola Academy,” says Prakash. Wondering what he’s talking about? Well, it was in 1978 that the first ever course was started in Loyola Academy, in the form of Computer Science and Engineering. It is a three-year degree course and is affiliated to Osmania University. In the year 1990, it was brought under grant-in-aid. This course, at Loyola Academy, is characterized by a lot of special features and thus, marks the beginning of a new age approach to technically... Read→

Biotech at Loyola 01

Biotech at Loyola Academy, setup in the academic year 2001, has seen a lot of progress. In spite of the fact that the economy is going through a lean patch, courtesy “recession” and that the IT sector has been worst hit, the bright future prospects in medicinal fields has kept this stream alive and vibrant. During its introduction in 2001, this stream was further diversified into B.Sc Biotechnology and Genetics and B.Sc Bio-Chemistry. The two streams are distinctly different with the former having subjects like Recombinant DNA Technology, Animal... Read→

Weightage given to all the exams. Credit: Sinister Imp

All are yet in the mood of fun and to the students’ surprise exams are on already at Loyola Academy. As it is, the college has started a month ago and the students have to face the exams, which began on 04/08/09 and will end on 13/08/09. At Loyola it is semester system that they follow, which is 2 semesters per year for all the graduation courses and the mid-semester exams are of great importance for the internals (40% of the aggregate is of internals and the rest 60% is externals). Mid-semesters are an issue as it is of 25% weightage from... Read→

Exam Time. Credit: Inverted Frequency

“It’s back… the darned thing is back! Just when we had begun to enjoy the fact that we had just turned into super seniors, the doom spelling menace is back. People must have heard of Monday morning blues… at Loyola it is a prolonged one!” Wonder what Ankur is talking about? It’s the return of exams at Loyola Academy. The month of June arrived and kick started yet another academic year. The rituals of senior-super senior bonding, induction of the juniors and the consequent ‘interaction sessions’ characterized the beginning. Following... Read→

The Inigo Block. Credit: Inverted Frequency

Loyola Academy, Alwal has not just been known for its lush green campus, the quality of education that it provides also makes it one of the best institutions in Hyderabad. With a plethora of resources in its arsenal, Loyola has managed to provide quality education to groom aspiring individuals and secure their future. With recession literally toying around with the economy today, the need for commerce graduates has been on a rise. At Loyola, conscious efforts are made to meet these needs and send out groups of fine individuals, who could really... Read→

party time at la01

“They say, a group/handful of determined people can stir up a revolution. Throwing a Kickass Freshers’ party at L.A was nothing less than a revolution. After last Sunday, we’ve turned into proud revolutionaries”, says Adam [Name Changed], a proud final year B.Com [Hons] student. After having witnessed and carried out two weeks of ‘ragging’/ ‘interactions’, a group of final year students along with a few second year students decided to throw a freshers’ party to take this interaction to a whole new level and establish friendly relationships... Read→

Another piece of art by lintosh a 1st yr. student

A four day clay art exhibition was held at Loyola Academy from 14/07/09 to 17/07/09 by the B.Sc. Animation design faculty. The exhibition included both the clay arts and some of the best sketches done by the first year & the second year students. According to the Head of the Department of the Animation Design (Mr.Bhaskar), this exhibition was all for developing the creativity of the students. The clay-art develops the ability of developing props like some imaginary creatures or anything else beyond anybody’s imagination. This helps the... Read→

Attendance Woes @ L.A

“It is an established fact that every individual / institution tries to stand out and be different from the rest of its league. Uniqueness has indeed become the order of the day. So much so that Loyola Academy has stooped to bizarre levels to stay at the top of their league”, says Adam (Name Changed) about the ‘marks-for-attendance’ rule in Loyola Academy, with an obvious hint of sarcasm in his tone. Call it weird or unique, Loyola Academy is the only college in Hyderabad to have this rule of marks for attendance. Like every other college... Read→

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