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JBIET Mech Industrial tour 01

Most of the students have had nightmares of boredom after being done with the JNTU examinations. A few of them were happy for various reasons. Since, the last exam marks an end of one shuddering semester. A few of them could take a break from college and go to their home town, while the others could just while away time. The end of this semester marks something else too, for the mechanical engineering students of JBIET; The very much awaited, ‘INDUSTRIAL TOUR’! These two words created lot of enthusiasm when the news reached the students.... Read→

Mech Aero SriIndu 01

“Have you chosen MECHANICAL! Are you out of your mind or something? It’s not your thing at all. Why didn’t you ask me before?” screamed Sirisha, when she heard that her cousin Varsha had chosen the Mechanical Engineering stream. Heard these exclamations somewhere!? Oh yes, one gets to hear all these dialogues every time the counseling finishes. But as of now, Mechanical, Aeronautical and Civil are the most sought after groups after recession and the subsequent ’seeming’ downfall of IT. “The drive to choose this branch... Read→

Basic Engineering 01

The core courses of Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Mechanical Engineering (Mech) and the basic course Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) have given rise to many other branches. These are considered the basic and core branches of engineering history. These branches are indirectly responsible for a great history of every invention. Even the computer is an electronic device that is ruling the world today. All the inputs taken by the electronic machines are in the form of 0’s and 1’s. For electrical... Read→

CMEC Mech 01

The latest and youngest branch to be introduced in CMEC – Mechanical Engineering; was long anticipated to become a part of the college which already had ECE, IT, CSE and Aeronautical Engineering, better known as its far cousin. It was introduced in last years EAMCET counseling and had 60 seats available then, and has been increased to 120 seats this year. (Picture: CMEC – Mechanical Block. Credits: Dynamic Warrior) Surely after the recession has hit IT and CSE hard the hot favorites among the students have become the Mechanical and Electrical,... Read→

mech griet 01

“When I chose mechanical as my branch in the counseling, all my friends were like, ‘Are u crazy? It is so tough and girls cannot manage it, it is hectic’. Now being in the final year, I am happy and appreciate my decision of choosing Mechanical. Infact, I would suggest it as the best branch as it deals with all real life applications and because of the practical knowledge experience”, says a gratified Sindhura, who is a student of GRIET. The mechanical department in GRIET is known for its track record of securing high percentages... Read→

Mech 1

Is the new generation passionate about Bikes, Formula1 Cars, Gadgets, Engines, Gears, Fighter Jets?  From where do people get the ‘cool home’ in the ‘sizzling hot summers’? How the air conditioners function? Does the youth  notice how stuff works? Stuff without which one can’t think of surviving!? Welcome to Mechanical Engineering. When the counseling starts, all the Intermediate pass outs, with their EAMCET rank cards, scratch their heads for deciding on what branch they have to choose. What we generally hear is, “If you are a... Read→

The SAE Mini Baja

By Zooid Linda On January - 26 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Are you a mechanical engineer? Do cars and speed fascinate you? Have a model of your own? You want to implement it? I am sorry to say you lost fathomable chance to showcase your talent. No need to worry The SAE Mini Baja  competition is an annual event. You can make it the next year. This is “THE” perfect platform for you innovators who is reading this. Survival of the fittest is the sole premise; only the smartest will make it to the end, of the 60 The CBIT Team Credit: Praveen applications. This surely will make a show. The SAE Mini Baja... Read→

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