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Facing the Interview!

By Be Wilder On March - 15 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS
Group Discussion Credits:VNR

For most students after the hectic and pressurizing intermediate years, engineering or for that matter any under-graduation course seem like a new lease of life. No deadlines and no lectures every day. And as for exams ‘One day batting’ is enough! But the pressure keeps mounting when students enter their 3rd year. From then on it is a race to the finish. Will they get placed at placements? Worse still, will you clear the qualifying round at all? Is  your destiny CAT or GATE or GRE? But for majority students the anxiety is all about... Read→

Striking success MGIT 01

This world seems to get competitive with each passing day and it is now a necessary asset for every individual to grow in stature so as to stay on par with others in their society. The situations and the syllabus are changing very fast. The kids of today have a lot of exposure and in turn there are a lot of things they need to be knowledgeable about. Engineering students going for coaching for writing various entrance exams as early as in the III year seems to be the trend. With the recession hitting the job market noticeably, there barely seem... Read→

Industrial Tour (3)

As most people think, Engineering is not tedious record work and nine to nine night outs always. It is a lot more than that; it depends on how one perceives these four years and how well he utilizes them. There is always a lot in store for those who are ready to initiate and participate. A group of students of M.G.I.T believe they were fortunate enough to experience the truth of this statement. The students from the branches of Mechatronics and ECE had gone to an Industrial Tour in February. It is a part of the curriculum in the second semester... Read→

Mechatronics- The Synergy

Mechatronics, as the name suggests, is a collaboration of the Mechanical and Electronic areas of study. As Wikipedia perfectly defines it, Mechatronics (or Mechanical and Electronics Engineering) is the synergistic combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering, systems design engineering, and computer engineering to create useful products. It is the amalgamation of these two enormous and ever-developing fields of science, which helps in bridging the gap between these vastly varying sciences. For example, to structure... Read→


Krishna Priya (KP) is one of the brightest students of her time. Having secured a 2000-odd rank in EAMCET, she enrolled herself into the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) branch in Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad. All the days before the colleges started were filled with anxious moments as she waited with bated breath for a totally unfamiliar experience; a 4-year roller-coaster ride- the ride of her life. Finally, the day had dawned upon her; the moment had arrived. The college bus was scheduled to arrive at 7:45... Read→

Nirvana ‘09

By Surreal Gaze On March - 31 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The dictionary defines Nirvana as, “beatitude attained by extinction of individuality.” All the animate creatures who witnessed the proceedings of Nirvana ’09, the annual cultural fest of Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology (MGIT), Gandipet on the 4th, 5th and 6th of March, 2009 would claim to have attained it, albeit in a different sense. Spread over a span of 3 days, Nirvana stands out among the hundreds of stereotypical fests in the state for its uniqueness, innovative themes, novel conceptualization and of course, planned execution... Read→

Microcosm ‘09

By Sir Caustic On March - 30 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Did you ever witness a multitude of robots scoring goals on a simulated soccer field? Have you ever seen a simple bot bursting balloons while maneuvering through intricate tracks? How about even witnessing a war of machines coming to life? What if we told you that all you had to do to witness all the action was just to be at MICROCOSM in MGIT on 20th and 21st of March? Justifying the tagline – ‘A world in miniature’, oodles of spirited students descended to MGIT for Microcosm ’09, a technical fest organized by the ECE dept. of MGIT.... Read→

Technovation ‘09

By Sir Caustic On March - 24 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

TECHNOVATION is an annual technical fest, being conducted since 2003 by the Mechatronics(MCT) dept. of MGIT, which holds the distinction of being the first B.Tech. Program to be introduced in Asia. TECHNOVATION ’09 (T9), held on the 13th and 14th of March, 2009 was a very memorable event for both organizers and participants. The efficient team of students, who toiled for days together, deserve a pat on their back for conceptualizing some of the events which were new to most of the people and for taking great pains in organizing them. This deserves... Read→

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