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The New York Times calls him ‘The biggest-selling English-language novelist in India’s history’ and the International Herald Tribune says ‘…Bhagat has touched a nerve with young Indian readers and acquired almost cult status.’ Chetan Bhagat, since the debut of his first novel in 2004, has become a name to reckon with in India, not only as a novelist but also as a youth icon. With his fourth book, 2 States – The Story of My Marriage just released, his popularity is continuing to shoot up. “Chetan Bhagat has made it really big... Read→


“I’m so happy that I can finally watch Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham on the big screen. My friends and I couldn’t watch many Bollywood movies in the vacation and it was such a disappointment. The fact that they’re releasing now, after the colleges have reopened doesn’t matter, as long as I can watch them. I missed going to the movies so much and I can’t wait to start my movie-watching spree”, says Nidhi, a 19 year old, who shares the same excitement as many around her. The absence of movies from the theatres for... Read→


The day a new movie releases, people rush to watch it, irrespective of who the actor is. That’s the trend people mainly in the south follow. People here are movie buffs in the true sense. The commotion and ado doubles when the movies have the public’s favorite stars in them. The group that gain maximum advantage out of the excited population are the black movie ticket marketers. Public here are movie maniacs, and hence the black market thrives. By the time you enter the theatre, most of the tickets are sold out and excited movie watchers have... Read→


Connect the following: Saving up pocket money to buy them, non-stop discussions on them, fantasizing about saving the world from the clutches of evil, collecting their action figures, re-reading them until the pages have dog ears, marks and creases and for some, being downright obsessed with them. The answer to it is that these are the qualities found in Comics’ fans all across the world. We most likely started reading them because a kid in school had brought them or because an elder sibling thought they were the coolest things and we wanted... Read→

Happy Endings... Credit: www.culturefeast.com Defined by filmsite.org as “movies that appeal more to the stereotypical interests of women than men and are often romantic comedies, tearjerkers with female characters, Cinderella-like ‘fairy tales’ about finding love, or tales of feminine bonding”, CHICK FLICKS are stories on celluloid where, more often than not, a woman who is positive, cheerful and carefree but unlucky in love eventually ends up meeting a bloke that’ll take her to her destiny of happily-ever-after! These movies... Read→

Jamaal Mallik Junior of Slumdog millionaire. Credit: www.newsline365.com ‘Slumdog millionaire’ is the movie of the year and would be cherished and remembered for the time to come; after all, not all films manage to glide through global competition and be the number one, both in terms of the number of Oscars it grabs and in terms of being the winner of the Big Oscar, for the best Picture of the year. An uncomplicated love-story line and an inspection of the Mumbai- slum life are the key points behind the movie’s making while its success depended... Read→

BIG Is No More Bigger!!!

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The Story Of Indian Cinema... Credit: www.8ate.blogspot.com BIG is no longer BIGGER. For a movie to be successful at the box-office, for a movie to be talked about by the audience and for a movie to pick up an award or two, it does not have to be a big movie today. The last few years have seen a healthy growth in movies that are fairly low-budgeted and do not boast of star names. Nevertheless, these movies have managed to strike a chord with the audience. Call them whatever you want, PARALLEL CINEMA [films that are "equally" entertaining as mainstream... Read→

Fear of the Dark !

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'Horror' books displayed at a popular bookstore Credit: Screed Hauteur “Have you ever been alone at night Thought you heard footsteps behind And turned around and no ones there? And as you quicken up your pace You find it hard to look again Because your sure theres someone there” Does that sound familiar? “Fear of the dark, fear of the dark I have a constant fear that someones always near Fear of the dark, fear of the dark I have a phobia that someones always there” For those of us who’ve realized that Iron... Read→

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