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Campus Rock Idols 2008

By Natty Nawab On February - 9 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

The not so melodramatic and too Awesome-Melodrama Credit: Natty Nawab The Rock scene in Hyderabad has had nothing to show in the last few months, with almost no gigs for the last few months. The general rock fan in the city of Hyderabad has been deprived of any live music and has been made to live on his music collection and the speakers in his room and it is at time like this that the Campus Rock Idols National Final came to the rescue. Campus Rock Idols as the name suggests is a rock competition for Rock Bands from Campuses across India, and... Read→

At a gig! Credit: www.raghudixit.com/gallery Originality is a rare commodity in these media-governing, cynical times, but every now and then a band comes along that produces music of such mind-bending brilliance that only the culturally blind could fail to recognize.Fusion may not have as yet fully infiltrated mainstream, but a major breakthrough seems at hand.The forerunner for that movement is the ‘Raghu Dixit Project’, founded by Raghupathy Dixit which is an open house for musicians and artistes from different genres to come together,... Read→

Rock Tee

By Natty Nawab On October - 1 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Music & Fashion, these two are the basic requirements of any social youngster these days.  Generally you could be very hard pressed to find somebody who is not interested in either of these things in their youth itself. My personal view of fashion is that it should reflect you, your personality and your choices. Myself being a music enthusiast, certainly feel that if the clothes I wear could reflect my music and the tastes I have, then nothing better than that and this is where step the Rock tees. I think this is one of the most innovative... Read→

The violonist of Parikrama. Credit: Screed Hauteur It was a dark, cloudy evening; the crowd seemed less anticipating at the beginning, outgrown upon a series of sound-checks. Parikrama, a name which dwells in most enthusiasts of the Indian rock scene, drew fans from kids to the older lot, unlike the other gigs which mostly strike a chord with the youth. Parikrama started off with ‘In the Middle’, ‘Am I Dreaming’ and ‘As Refreshing as Ever’. ‘The Trooper’ was neat along with ‘Highway to Hell’... Read→

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