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Vexed with shoddy acads 01

Youth is momentarily opting for proficient courses rather than generic arts strengthening the stand of the technical regime in our country. Early settlement and ample self employment opportunities are probably the consequent reasons for this phenomenon while parents’ backing is another root cause intensifying this act. When inquired, why would any parent ask his children to pick a technical course uninterestedly though they are enthusiastic about learning something else which falls under this general degree category, ‘a graduate in general... Read→


“Hey ikkadara! Seniors ni wish cheyyalani theleeda? Enti aa look? Dress Code follow avvamani seniors cheppaleda? Chetilo aa watch enti?” Any Osmanian would’ve heard these set of dialogues scores of times, every time they were outside their classroom, their ‘safe zone’. There is a widespread belief that the UCE, O.U.(A) located in the Osmania University Campus is the worst place, when it comes to ragging. So how true is it? Team VY finds out through a survey comprising of a set of interesting questions. Out of 21 students surveyed, 17... Read→

Alumni Meet held

By St. Anik On January - 4 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Education is not only the driving force for a leader to move ahead in life, but also the motivation to take an occasional pause and reflect back, connect with one’s alma mater and share the richness of one’s journey… The Alumni Meet of the Department of Electronics and Communication, University College of Engineering, Osmania University (A) was conducted on December 28th, 2008, Sunday at the ECE auditorium. The Meet was conducted as a part of the Department’s Golden Jubilee Celebrations. The Meet opened at 10:00 am with a great enthusiasm... Read→

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, University College of Engineering, Osmania University, organised RACE-08 ( Recent Advances in Communication Engineering) – an International Conference as a part of the Department’s Golden Jubilee celebrations. This international conference took place at the PGRRCDE (Prof. G.Ram Reddy Centre for Distance Education) at the Osmania University Campus, from 20th to 23rd December, 2008. The objective of this conference was to exchange research activities between participants from... Read→

Where’s your fire?

By St. Anik On September - 7 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

Every great idea is the child of a burning desire, a spark of inspiration and when we encounter obstacles, our restless mind gives birth to a fresh new spark…an idea! These little sparks create an immortal flame of passion within us… an intense emotion… a burning desire for a cause or an activity. Take ‘Improving India’ for example, It is supposed to be a matter very dear to our heart. So, if that is one of your passions… what are you doing about it? And NO!… I don’t mean joining communities/groups... Read→

OUCE student ends life

By St. Anik On September - 5 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

A Civil Engineering student of OUCE Naga Malleswari reportedly ended her life by hanging herself with her ‘dupatta’ from the ceiling of her hostel room at the ladies hostel on the Osmania University campus. Her roommates found the room locked from inside around 3 p.m. and as she did not open the door despite repeated knocks, they alerted the security staff, who forced open the door to find her hanging from the ceiling, following her detention as she failed to clear all her first year subjects and hence couldn’t be promoted to the third year.                               ... Read→

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