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The rag wing of KMIT!

By Poet's Revenge On September - 24 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
The rag wing of KMIT 01

The sun was up early on the first day of college and as a comprehensive set of freshers stepped in to Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology, everything seemed dramatic to them. There was no fear of being ragged by the demigods of the college because the very efficient and well known principal, Mr.Neil Gogte had implemented strict rules and took a further step to ensure a ragging-free environment, also by re-scheduling the time table. Classes for the first year students started on time and almost everyone was excited at the thought of finally pursuing... Read→

SWEC to welcome juniors 01

Anti Ragging Banners - Credit: Kryptic Mind With the menace of ragging increasing year after year, the management of SWEC is taking all precautionary measures well in advance to avoid any occurrence of ragging in the campus. They are trying to restrict students in all ways possible before the 1st year students enter the college. With about 20 days left for the 1st year students to start college, the management of SWEC has decided to alert the senior students by putting up ‘Ragging Prohibited’ banners and many posters, which tell the... Read→


A new academic year, especially for the students getting into college for the first time has become a time of uncertainty and mixed feelings for them and their parents. From anxiety to excitement, from high school to higher education, young students are a confused and an apprehensive lot about the treatment they might be given in the college by their seniors. At this point of time, probably they are all set mentally for the college but ragging is also at the back of their minds. Some students look forward to the fun filled days and friendly ragging,... Read→


“Hey ikkadara! Seniors ni wish cheyyalani theleeda? Enti aa look? Dress Code follow avvamani seniors cheppaleda? Chetilo aa watch enti?” Any Osmanian would’ve heard these set of dialogues scores of times, every time they were outside their classroom, their ‘safe zone’. There is a widespread belief that the UCE, O.U.(A) located in the Osmania University Campus is the worst place, when it comes to ragging. So how true is it? Team VY finds out through a survey comprising of a set of interesting questions. Out of 21 students surveyed, 17... Read→


Krishna Priya (KP) is one of the brightest students of her time. Having secured a 2000-odd rank in EAMCET, she enrolled herself into the Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) branch in Mahatma Gandhi Institute Of Technology, Hyderabad. All the days before the colleges started were filled with anxious moments as she waited with bated breath for a totally unfamiliar experience; a 4-year roller-coaster ride- the ride of her life. Finally, the day had dawned upon her; the moment had arrived. The college bus was scheduled to arrive at 7:45... Read→

ragging SNIST

‘Ragging’, as oxford lexicon avows is an act of teasing or playing tricks. The word has nearly the same meaning even in our colleges. Of course it has several other definitions, which will more or less bend to a common parlance. Seniors welcome their juniors through ragging. It is everywhere. “I was making a sine, tan! No I’m not making a graph of sine or tan function of mathematics in my notes! Rather I was doing the same with my lips. I was asked to laugh and cry in sine and tan fashions, and it was only one of the several... Read→


‘Tell me bio-data’, ‘Sing a song’, ‘Dance’, ‘Salute’, ‘March the whole canteen’, ‘Write an essay on Why the dog’s tail is curved’, ‘Get me a chocolate tomorrow and don’t forget to wish me daily’, ‘you look good bolke attitude huh’, ‘Recite a rhyme with action’, ‘Enact a situation from any movie’, ‘Act like an actor whom you like the most’, ‘Put mam/sir before every sentence you are gonna speak to... Read→

Ragging in CBIT

By Sir Caustic On June - 1 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
ragging CBIT

‘Oh! You got into CBIT? Congrats! But beware of ragging there. I’ve heard it’s terrible’, is what most of the freshers get to hear from people. Scenes and stills from the ‘happy days’ movie flash before their minds, adding to their woes. The notion that CBITians are the worst ragged among students of all the engineering colleges in Hyderabad has existed since long. But the management has been striving hard to dispel that notion and provide a very congenial atmosphere for the freshers. How far these efforts have been able... Read→

Ragging at CVR

By Deccan Tifosi On May - 31 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

‘Ragging’… Ahem ahem!!! The word most of them dread. Most of them???  Yep! The management, the seniors and the juniors of course. Why??? The management doesn’t want to be embroiled in a controversy, the seniors wouldn’t want to tarnish their name and if it’s too serious legal hassles hover around as well; the juniors get frightened just because they hear many cases happening. “Ragging, oh really, or just friendly interaction?”, as many students at CVR College of Engineering put forward. Call it whatever you want,... Read→


“I think everyone will, without a doubt, have a sucky boss in the future and unfortunately, the boss is always right and so is the senior. You have to put up with the seniors to learn to manage a really rough boss. All the ragging shapes us pretty well to put up with bad bosses in the future”, says Bharat, a 3rd year B.Com student who likes to call it, ‘The Theory of Surviving Ragging’. The views on ragging differ from one person to the other, and so do the reactions. While some people enjoy it and see the lighter side of it, the others... Read→

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