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“I promise to fulfill all the aims and aspirations of my people. I will not spare anyone who tries to disrupt the peace in the society.” No! This is not a power-packed dialogue of our very own Balakrishna but, this heavy-worded script is of a very ‘concerned’ politician. It is widely believed that cricket and Bollywood are the 2 greatest passions of India. But, since every other cricketer & movie star is now a politician, why not merge the two and say politics is the greatest passion our country has ever witnessed? Politicians... Read→

How strict is too strict03

Simran comes to the canteen, tired of attending classes back-to-back all morning. She buys a soft-drink and sits down to take a breather. She glances at her watch, the time is 11.57 a.m., her next class starts at 12.00 p.m. She rushes through her drink, taking big gulps, hardly tasting it and heads towards her classroom which is on the third floor of the next block. The bell rings while she is on her way, she runs to the class only to find the door closed! She checks the time, it is 12.02, she knocks on the door and the lecturer opens it. “I... Read→

The Ideal Director of Youth - Swami Vivekananda 01

His thoughts impress, his words inspire, his deeds galvanize our ways and his ideas lay lanes to success. Primarily his simple attire might not be a reason to be influenced but surely his orations contribute loads of wisdom and have a lot to do with today. He might not be a man among us but the legacy he left behind for us shows and says a lot about a man who led an ascetic life- a life that takes generations to a different contemplative level. The man who led his life on a mission, a mission to educate people is SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. It’s rather... Read→

The Road Not Taken

By Be Wilder On April - 4 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS
The road not taken02

“Papa kehte hain bada naam karega… Beta hamara aisa kaam karega…..” The words of this song rings true even today twenty years after it was originally written and will continue to do so for another twenty years. While times have changed and generations have come and gone, each with their own set of eccentricities, the mentalities and thinking of people has changed little if nothing. As kids most children are encouraged at every small pursuit of theirs but that is only until they reach their 8th grade after which their life... Read→

It's a Crazy World

If Chetan Bhagat were to pen (or rather, MS word) this article, he’d have probably done away with the introduction by shooting his Let-Me-Tell-You-What-This-Article-Is-Not-About disclaimers, which would go something like — “This article is not a Coming-of-Age story of a nubile enchantress, it’s NOT a story of (just) three idiots, it’s not the story of ‘The Two States’ and it’s not a story.” It’s rather about the life of ventriloquists and puppets of today’s world. It’s about a lot more... Read→

Blood Donation camp at DD Colony 01

January 26 marked the transition of India into a full fledged Republic. It is also the day when India adopted the Constitution and this year marks the 60th year. It was our good fortune that India became a republic with great leaders like Dr. B R Ambedkar, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr Rajendra Prasad to name a few, at the helm of affairs.    A new Constitution was created to govern the country. This day reminds us of our duty towards the country, understand its relevance and take pride in being an Indian. Republic day is synonymous with various... Read→

Aman ki Asha 01

Aristotle, the Father of Political Science said, “Man is a social animal.” This truism holds much ground today. Human beings are separated from each other in terms of their different perspectives, behavioral patterns and thought processes. However, a few basic similarities can be discerned among the irregularities. Irrespective of age, sex, religion or nationality, all people desire a few things, above all other things. Peace, security, love and happiness are the innate wants of humanity. There is none who wishes for a life of agony. Yet, our... Read→

Balakalakar AIESEC 01

Since many years a lot of organizations in Hyderabad have come up to help the underprivileged children in as many ways as possible. Conducting programs and activities which give these children exposure, however little be it and which make them happy is one of the main aims of these organizations. Balakalakaar is one such event. An initiative that was first worked upon by AIESEC Hyderabad is now the world’s largest painting workshop held for underprivileged children. “AIESEC is an organization that has been present since 1948. At AIESEC we work... Read→

Celebrations Galore!

By Candy Floss On October - 11 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
Celebrations Galore 01

“I’m proud to be an Indian! Not only because it is a country of rich tradition, heritage and culture but also for the fact that it is a huge secular state giving equal importance to all religions and festivals! And the best part of it being that we, the students, are given loads of holidays for every festival,” gushes Smrithi, another regular college goer, who finds her college extremely boring, of Hi-tech College of Engineering and Technology. From Nag Panchami to Navratri to Navroz, from Eid–ul–fitr to Easter, from Raksha Bandhan to... Read→

Helmet or HELL Mate

By Pearl Rive On October - 2 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
Helmet or Hell Mate 01

‘My dad is the best, he wears a Helmet’, ever heard this before? Yes! One gets to see this on our own busy traffic infested Hyderabad roads. The slogan caught everyone’s fancy. The compulsory helmet rule, imposed in 2005 is still only on paper but not imposed in reality. The irony of the situation is that nobody cares for our laws and still go about disobeying rules. “We travel triples to college everyday. We usually carry the helmet along and put it on only when we spot the policeman doing routine checks. The third guy has to get... Read→

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