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Campur Drive @Sri indu 01

The campus of Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology was screaming with huge banners, cut outs and everyone craned for a view.  The huge banner welcoming the delegates for campus drive was towering above all.  Companies like Gen Pact, Mahindra Satyam, GE Money, Dell and Bloom Soft Technologies were to grace Sri Indu campus.  The campus was spruced up and shamianas were put up as large a number of students were expected to turn up.  The ‘Campus’ Drive was on for two days i.e. on 25th and 26th of March 2010.  All the 4th year students... Read→

Ankit Fadia @ Sri Indu

By Pearl Rive On January - 12 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS
Ankit Fadia at Sri Indu 01

The lazy morning was interrupted by a scream, “Ankit Fadia is coming  today to our college! Thank God I came to college today”, by Shreya, viewing the huge banner in front of the campus. Her friends sniggered seeing her. Students were busy filing in the campus on their second day of college. The seminar was surely a welcome change. Those who knew who Ankit Fadia was, were busy explaining about his exploits and “fame” to who ever bothered to listen. The seminar was to start at about 2 o clock and many managed to sneak away as they feared... Read→

Exams Fare at Sri Indu 01

Exams! exams! We can hear only these words from every mouth and friends seem to be non-existent. No chit chats, no phone calls, no chatting, no wasting time seem to be the “Mantra” to success. Suddenly exams have taken centre stage from all our other “important” activities. All are cramming over books trying to cover every point. Even the ones who rarely come to college are to be seen much to the surprise of the lecturers. Lab Externals are already on the verge of finishing for many and everyone are busy preparing for Externals. “I get... Read→

Orientation Day @ Sri Indu

By Pearl Rive On September - 19 - 2009 1 COMMENT
Orientation day sriindu 01

Monday dawned on a high note for all the freshers and was quite a lazy one for the seniors of Sri Indu. It was the freshers’ first day of college and the lot was quite excited. “The juniors are a lucky lot. They even have Volvo buses now to travel like princes and princesses. We have absolutely no access to them”, exclaimed the jealous seniors. Many seniors thronged the college buses just to have a glimpse of juniors but the management played spoilsport by allocating separate buses for them. “Damn! I had come to college just to rag a... Read→

Happy days NTV SriIndu 01

‘Happy Days’; listening to these words, one immediately conjures up images of the hit Tollywood movie ‘Happy Days’, where a set of happy-go-lucky friends are shown enjoying their Engineering life in CBIT. However, this is the title of the program, which is aired on NTV every week. Sri Indu college got a chance to showcase its talent on this show. The day started as usual and all of a sudden, a lecturer informed the students to gather in the portico for the shooting. A few  interested students from IT, EEE, ECE and CSE... Read→

Mech Aero SriIndu 01

“Have you chosen MECHANICAL! Are you out of your mind or something? It’s not your thing at all. Why didn’t you ask me before?” screamed Sirisha, when she heard that her cousin Varsha had chosen the Mechanical Engineering stream. Heard these exclamations somewhere!? Oh yes, one gets to hear all these dialogues every time the counseling finishes. But as of now, Mechanical, Aeronautical and Civil are the most sought after groups after recession and the subsequent ’seeming’ downfall of IT. “The drive to choose this branch... Read→

Biotech BPharm SriIndu 01

“We must support the industry that drives our state’s economy.  That means being very attentive to the needs of our farmers and ranchers. It means aggressively exploring opportunities in the areas of Biotechnology, value added agriculture and foreign markets”, said Dave Heinemen. This is completely true in today’s world. Today Bio Tech and B Pharma have emerged as the clear winners with the people sensing a need for good drugs and better living. (Picture: Sri Indu College of Pharmacy. Credit: Pearl Rive) Bio Technology: As far as Sri Indu... Read→

TGMC SriIndu 01

Thursday, the 13th dawned on a high note and the lazy morning promised to be just the atmosphere for fun and frolic; but, classes were going on in full swing much to the agony of students. The next day was Janmashtami and since most of the students were absent, the students were hoping for half a day. However, labs proved to be the spoilsport. Suddenly the IT students were called in for a seminar, while the lab was going on and were told to return to classes. “Now what!” thought the students but some were pleased because the lab was... Read→

SMS to glory

By Pearl Rive On August - 28 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
SMS to glory 01

“Hey this lecture sucks na, shall we bunk?”, asks Deepa. Trapped in an incredibly boring lecture? All one needs is to do is whip out the trusty Palm or Nokia or Ericsson and tap out a message to one of the classmates across the room. Chances are one has already heard and used messaging. But how useful is it going to be? Is it that beneficial to the economic world? Or is it showing us a new way to pass notes behind the teacher’s back? The advent of Internet has taken over our lives; and it seems to be growing in huge leaps and bounds.... Read→

Sri Indu College Credit: Pearl Rive

“Definition of a College professor: someone who talks in other people’s sleep” — W. H. Auden The electrifying branches  namely EEE and ECE are now presently the most sought after branches. Thanks to recession. ECE has always been in the top and will always be the winner when compared to other branches. EEE is more macho when it comes to dealing with electrical circuitry and analysis. Mainly this being the group never preferable to girls… as goes the myth. But in reality, these groups have more girls as takers. The first year... Read→

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