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A few tears, a few smiles, some tight hugs, some photographs, some sad goodbyes and promises to stay friends forever… these are the essential ingredients of the perfect college Farewell. The college Farewell is an event of tremendous significance in the lives of all youngsters as it marks the end of their carefree and bindaas college life and the beginning of their first stint in the competitive professional world out there. As this academic year approaches its conclusion, most colleges in the city are busy preparing to bid adieu to the seniors... Read→


A college without a canteen is like monsoon without the rain! The canteen is an integral part of the college. It is highly essential to the students of the college as they associate the canteen with the countless hours spent there with friends and food. The canteen therefore, is pivotal in every student’s college life as it is the place where most of the masti happens! In St. Francis College too, the canteen holds a special place in the heart of all students. Disha Jain, a 2nd year student of B.Com said,  “The canteen is the best place... Read→

Red-Letter Day at St. Francis 01

The phrase ‘red-letter day’ dates back to 1549. It means an important or a memorable day. St. Francis College for Women celebrated its Annual College Day and Farewell on Saturday, March 13, 2010. It was a special day for the faculty and the student body, for it appreciated the efforts put in by everyone in the bygone year and marked the successful completion of yet another batch of young and bright students. The much-awaited programme began with a lovely prayer song by the nightingales of the college. They invoked the Muse of St. Francis of... Read→


“Call the police”, is mostly the first thing that comes to one’s mind when something untoward or unfortunate occurs. The police are the watchdogs of the nation’s law and order and are responsible for maintaining peace & harmony in any society. It is thus obvious that it takes tons of hard work, perseverance and dedication to be a part of the prestigious Indian Police Service (IPS). On 26th February 2010, the 2nd year Public Administration students of St. Francis College got an opportunity to have a glimpse of what these... Read→

What an Idea! 01

It is commonly said that, for any flourishing business, one requires business sense. And this includes a thorough sense of one’s target audience and a sense of goodwill, among other imperative values. People, especially youngsters, lead hectic lives today and cannot spare time for going on long shopping sprees. In such a scenario, keeping the proximity between the product in demand and the potential customer as much as possible is a remarkable business tactic. Following this as a thumb rule, is Mr. D Narsing, who runs his Junk Jewellery business... Read→

Affordable Fashion from Numaish - 01

The ‘Numaish’, the annual exhibition which can be considered one of the hallmarks of Hyderabadi lifestyle, may be over. But, young college girls of the city have made the most out of it, so as to make the Numaish hangover last for a really long time. The Numaish is a shopper’s paradise for the fashion-savvy girls of the city as it offers an opportunity to buy really stylish stuff at amazingly reasonable prices. This year, the Chappals and Kurtas from Numaish made waves among the girls as the stalls showcased a wide variety of styles... Read→

Fete breaks monotony at St francis 01

Many hopes and dreams of students at St. Francis were shattered this academic year as the political turmoil, due to the Telangana issue, played spoilsport and resulted in the cancellation of two upcoming fests. But, on February 10th, 2010, the francisians were in for a surprise as ‘Psycon‘, the club formed by Psychology students, organized a fete in the college. The fete wasn’t anything extravagant. It consisted of just a few stalls put up for the students. But, the response it got was tremendous. There was also a ‘dance... Read→


The morning of January 29th brought with it a refreshing surprise for the St. Francis College auditorium as it witnessed an overwhelming response from the audience to a performance, which showcased various classical and folk dances of India unlike the usual Bollywood and hip-hop. ‘Desi’ trumped ‘Western’ as the ‘Dances of India‘ ballet, performed for the Assistants General, Sr. Annamaria Vigano and Sr. Apoline Monis who had arrived from Italy, left the audience spellbound. It is a well known fact that for most... Read→

Saying no to plastic 01

September 12, 2009 was indeed a day of significance for the youth of Hyderabad. No, it wasn’t for the recently concluded internal examinations or the Ramadan Special Happiness Sale at Hyderabad Central! Nor, was it for the fact that Josh was running to full houses in the very first week of it’s release! Well, no prizes for guessing, the youngsters of the ‘City of Pearls’ had come forward to hosting a ‘No Plastic’ Rally on the occasion of the International ‘No Plastic’ Day on the 12th of September, 2009. (Picture – ‘Do... Read→

B.A in St.Francis’

By Miss Tick On September - 9 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
BA St. Francis 01

Be it mass media, journalism, counseling or the administrative services, the importance of humanities and social sciences cannot be undermined. These courses are still popular amongst students and they are opted even by those who have a science background in the intermediate level. ( Picture: The college quadrangle. Credit: Miss tick) St.Francis College for women offers a wide variety of courses in Bachelor of Humanities & Social Sciences (B.A) and the following are the different combination of courses: History / Literature / Political Science Economics... Read→

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