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We all remember how we use to get up early in the morning and pray to God asking for a holiday at college, sometimes asking for our teachers to fall sick, or praying for an aging politician to continue there journey beyond this world and leave us with a day’s break from regular college. But as we grew up, we started loosing faith in prayers which eventually slowed down and we were introduced to the world of Colleges where holidays or no holidays but BUNKING always ruled the scene. But things change and guess the unasked prayers are answered... Read→


Mony Reddy is dreaming of her latest flame, building castles of fondness in mid-morning light. Vinay Vemula got his headphones on and is glad his hair rolled down enough to hide his ears. Maya .V loves the lectures; hear the noise, never look up and SMS like there is no end. Sam Sharan is busy becoming a bird watcher while absorbing the chirpy sounds and staring into the eyes of the sun. Who doesn’t love silly gaming? Hit the letter and hang the dude! Akansha Verma does just that! Play Hang-man, Tip-tap-toe and similar stress relievers with... Read→

Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College should have been the talk of the town for all the amount of dirty mischief that is happening around there, but thanks to the opaque faced management and their capabilities, not many got to know what! There have been many unheard pleas, against harassment of students at the college with the excuse of ‘molding them into the right citizens’; verbal abuse and mental torture were commonplace. This is not the story of a day or two, it is a long suffered misery of students in Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College,... Read→

Students of the Department of Electrical Engineering at Malla Reddy Engineering College went on a strike against their Head of the Department, Prof. P.Krishna Sureshwer on Friday, the 30th of January, 2009. The major cause behind the strike stemmed from a fateful incident that took place earlier in that week. Karthik, one of the students pursuing his B.Tech second year from EEE at MREC had lost his father on Wednesday in a fatal road accident. Apparently, the student was being contacted to attend to his father during  serious emergency hour while... Read→

An agitation was organized in the Osmania University campus, as a voice against the administration, regarding the detainment of a large number of students of the engineering course starting July 5th 2008. A rule that was exacted by OU, compacts to “No student would be promoted to the 2nd year of engineering without acquiring a pass grade, in at least 50% of the 1st year subjects, and, he would require to complete all the courses of the 1st year, in order to get promoted to the 3rd year of BE.” This would allow students of engineering a chance... Read→

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