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“The forbidden fruit is sweet. But the ones you order here are better. So come along with the apple of your eye and have the time of your life. Deep down you know that love is the fruit of marriage. You place the order and you learn patience might be bitter but the fruits are delicious. Take a sip and leave the world behind. You know it is only the tasty fruits that attract the wasps. The fruits refresh you and you are your sunny self again. What you give to others bears fruit for yourself. You walk out with a smile and a song. The philosophy... Read→

weighty matters01

Come summer and in the city of Nizams, students really do feel like the king. No classes, no exams, basically nothing to bother apart from the chore of keeping oneself well fed . So after enjoying thus for a fortnight or so, on bending down, they notice a bump sticking out at the place where the flat tummy should be. It’s time to set things right – sad, but true. You need to loose weight! And this urge to keep fit is the reason why IIIT seems to be in a flurry of activity for the past few weeks, as people sweat it out in the Gym, or spend... Read→

The Taliban Look. Credit: Rouge Wave With temperatures threatening to rise with each passing day and cross the 45 degrees Celsius mark, things are heating up in the city, quite literally too. The running of fans and the coolers all day long don’t seem to be bringing much of a respite and ACs are being bought like never before, the monstrous electricity bills not deterring people at all. People across the city, young and old, are doing everything within their power to reduce the effects of the blistering summer. But even the sweltering heat isn’t... Read→

Cool Wear!

By Azazel Eyes On August - 28 - 2008 ADD COMMENTS

A direct result of the heat, due to delayed monsoons, or a mushrooming lust for a fresh, modish wardrobe, or the increasing density of Indian-ness in the blood that flows from our hearts. Whatever you would want to call it, we call it Ishtyle of this week! The keep-cool, mix and match variety of Kalamkaari Patiyala-kurta sets, are definitely giving the flashy, gaudy, last generation of dresses a run for their customers. Ideal defense against the humidity, classy for college wear, and the right range of prices for the teenage pockets, patiyala-kurtas... Read→

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