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Hyderabad, 7th January, 2010; Morning 7.30a.m.; On bus 49M: (Secunderabad to Mehdipatnam) Conductor: Kahan jana hain? Passenger: (climbed at Secunderabad) Mehdipatnam, 1 ticket, (Hands over Rs.6 to him) Conductor: Rs.10 Sir! Badh gaye rates! Minimum 5 rupees. Paper nahi dekha kya? Passenger: (Shocked) Ohh! (Hands him the rest of the money) This was the most common state of every person boarding the APSRTC bus for their travel in the city on the 7th of January. Expressing his anguish, Mr. Raju says, “The common man is at stake due to this sudden... Read→

Helmet or HELL Mate

By Pearl Rive On October - 2 - 2009 3 COMMENTS
Helmet or Hell Mate 01

‘My dad is the best, he wears a Helmet’, ever heard this before? Yes! One gets to see this on our own busy traffic infested Hyderabad roads. The slogan caught everyone’s fancy. The compulsory helmet rule, imposed in 2005 is still only on paper but not imposed in reality. The irony of the situation is that nobody cares for our laws and still go about disobeying rules. “We travel triples to college everyday. We usually carry the helmet along and put it on only when we spot the policeman doing routine checks. The third guy has to get... Read→

Fast tracks!

By Tweeter Tinuviel On August - 13 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS
Arts college railway station. Credit: Namita Afzulpurkar

“I enjoy coming in trains, they are economical, faster and better way to escape the traffic in the city. There is a hell lotta traffic and pollution caused by the vehicles on roads. So trains are a better option. Though the trains aren’t that frequent like Mumbai, they are increasing. It’s been 3 years since I’ve been coming to my college, which is in Osmania University. Damn! I’ll miss them once I am out of my college”, says a happy-go-lucky Pritha. She lives near Balanagar and commutes by train everyday to college. (Picture: Arts... Read→

Might of incompetence01

The college buses of BIET started as-usual at 4.30 pm. The buses were moving in full speed trying to overtake the other; half of the students had already dozed off and the other ones either enjoying music or talking stuffs. Then suddenly at around 4.45, the bus stopped at a place, where there was hardly any life around; to see what was going on in the other bus (same college), which was stopped already. One student of that bus (stopped earlier) named Paresh (name changed) of 2nd year, who happened to be drunk, teased a girl, who is also from the... Read→

The roads to death-01

Ever seen roads, which are used for extreme sports like Drag race or Dump squib, or events wherein bikes and cars topple down and people getting seriously injured is a very common visual? If you have, then you would never complain of their uneven texture and roughness, as it is the basic requirement of such extreme sports. But what happens when important roads and colonies across the city have such roads? The race certainly isn’t for the pole position or the medals won in the sports aforementioned but becomes a matter ‘survival’ for the... Read→


Ever used a public transport vehicle? If yes, was it wholehearted or a compulsion? “Oh please! I’d rather  stay at home. The one and only experience I had earlier exhorts me against it”, declares Suma, a college going girl. The very sound of them would remind us of the dusty old wagon that is filled to the brim without allowing even air to peep in. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) is the executive body, which takes care of the running of the road transport, the mostly called, RTC buses. “If you can get on to... Read→

CBIT Taken for a ride01

After a rather long, dreary and extended break that stretched into more than two months, students of Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology (CBIT, Gandipet) returned to their campus on the 13th of July, 2009. “I can’t wait to get back to college”, yelled Ram, a 3rd year student when contacted over phone during the holidays. Such was the enthusiasm and excitement running in the veins of students that some of the shopaholics didn’t mind emptying their wallets to get fully geared up for college. Contrary to their expectations of a red-carpet... Read→


Be it a four seater or a seven seater auto, the minimum  number of people sitting in are at least ten. This has been the trend of the autowala’s in the Nizampet (Kukatpally) area. The auto rickshaws in this area (a four seater or a seven seater) are carrying  far more than the permitted number of people standardized by the government,  violating the traffic norms. Due to the lack of the required number of RTC buses and bus-stops, the people here are bound to take other means like these, no matter what condition these autos are in and no matter... Read→

Traffic at Amberpet.

The city of Hyderabad is one of the busiest in India. The rate of its development in the past few years has been shockingly high. From a runway nine track to multi-storied seamless shopping malls, Hyderabad offers every luxury that is possible to its people. But we often tend to forget that one of the main factors contributing to the development of a city is its transportation system! People, especially those, who travel long distances to go to their workplaces, normally use public transportation. One such mode of public transportation is generally... Read→


A convoy of yellow buses, some sleek, some abnormally long, some that look like they are about to fall to pieces, with names written on strips across them are a common sight on the city roads in the morning and evening. Going by the mundane look of the bus, an onlooker may assume that there is eerie silence behind those sun-film coated windows. But what goes on inside is only known to the people, who travel by these buses. Colleges in Hyderabad, especially the engineering and medical colleges, are situated mostly in the outskirts of the city. Hence... Read→

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