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The Road Not Taken

By Be Wilder On April - 4 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS
The road not taken02

“Papa kehte hain bada naam karega… Beta hamara aisa kaam karega…..” The words of this song rings true even today twenty years after it was originally written and will continue to do so for another twenty years. While times have changed and generations have come and gone, each with their own set of eccentricities, the mentalities and thinking of people has changed little if nothing. As kids most children are encouraged at every small pursuit of theirs but that is only until they reach their 8th grade after which their life... Read→

Facing the Interview!

By Be Wilder On March - 15 - 2010 ADD COMMENTS
Group Discussion Credits:VNR

For most students after the hectic and pressurizing intermediate years, engineering or for that matter any under-graduation course seem like a new lease of life. No deadlines and no lectures every day. And as for exams ‘One day batting’ is enough! But the pressure keeps mounting when students enter their 3rd year. From then on it is a race to the finish. Will they get placed at placements? Worse still, will you clear the qualifying round at all? Is  your destiny CAT or GATE or GRE? But for majority students the anxiety is all about... Read→

Sporty time at VNR VJIET 01

SLAST – the word is not there in the English oxford dictionary, yet it meant a lot for the sports-maniac students across all the engineering colleges in and outside Hyderabad. The three day sports fest that happened in VNR-VJIET was an event not only worth partaking but also worth watching. Carrying with it the slogan, “The harder you play, The harder it is to surrender”, SLAST undoubtedly had a large impact on the students, as the 3 days-1st, 2nd and 3rd of February gave the sporty students a mighty opportunity to compete with students... Read→

Blast at VNR SLAST Fest 01

In all the hustle and bustle of life nowadays what students really miss out is physical fitness. The tumultuous nature of change is more pronounced in the education environment. Colleges are caught in the mire of uncertainty and have to relentlessly function in a reactive state. But Colleges that adopt a proactive approach are bound to be more successful in the long run. One such college is VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering & Technology, which has reiterated sports in the life of all the students. This prestigious deemed university... Read→

blood painted life 01

Li’l the pain, sweet salvation. High-spirited in fain, Oh! The compassion! Food for thought, a coin or two while waiting for the green light to pop up and dole out old, outgrown apparel were ways that inflicted upon our concern; Until the zeal of a rather chock-full gathering spoke otherwise. The bolder as it seems, donating blood through aisles of purity and innocence has become a conventional act of charity. Blood is one of the most precious gifts one could give someone. Donating blood saves lives, makes one healthier and adds to the blood... Read→


Garbage collection has turned out to be a menace in the city now. An open place, which happens to be a land owned by a common man has turned out to be a plot for dumping detritus. Miyapur, an area famous for its upcoming skyscrapers is also the prime target of GHMC to discard the household crap of the neighboring sphere. “The garbage collection has become a major cause of worry for us as the untimely removal of it from the place is causing dreadful diseases”, says Nagamani, a resident of the same domain. She also adds saying that, the change... Read→


Mony Reddy is dreaming of her latest flame, building castles of fondness in mid-morning light. Vinay Vemula got his headphones on and is glad his hair rolled down enough to hide his ears. Maya .V loves the lectures; hear the noise, never look up and SMS like there is no end. Sam Sharan is busy becoming a bird watcher while absorbing the chirpy sounds and staring into the eyes of the sun. Who doesn’t love silly gaming? Hit the letter and hang the dude! Akansha Verma does just that! Play Hang-man, Tip-tap-toe and similar stress relievers with... Read→


Stay with me; won’t you? I just cannot lose you too. I need you so much now. My mother looks at me with a feeling of disgust. My father no longer talks to me. My friends call up to say they’re busy. My relatives never miss an opportunity to bitch about me. I need you mama. I need you pa. I need you, to stand by me. I fear the thought of losing, I fear the thought of being hated, I fear the thought of accepting myself, I fear to face my own reality. Please don’t judge me by my sexuality, all I want to say is, my heart is open. “Hyderabad?... Read→


By Screed Hauteur On May - 25 - 2009 ADD COMMENTS

Some signposts were attractive, some were staid, some intriguing and the others, mysterious. Maybe the one on the left was made for you, or maybe the one on right. Could it be the one you just passed? Look back again and again, you may find it. Or maybe you should look further. The new ones are most watched, often overshadowed by the older signposts. Nevertheless, all of them are enigmatic; as if waiting for us to unravel their secrets. The signposts lead to the speeding roads, each for a new outlook. The apocryphal glimpses of the intersecting... Read→


Everybody’s in the groove, but where is the party tonite? “Nothing as such, Lets just go partying dude!” exclaims Amulya Kothapalli of VNR VJIET. The shoes are set, hair pulled down. The spirits are high enough to trigger their verve and dance throughout the night. “Hey, where is the party tonite?” is one of those things that cannot be left unheard. Partying is the new game which has struck the college hoppers through a glamour-stricken furor. Nobody needs to feed fire to this herd of partyholics. But does the fun-filled... Read→

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