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Home Tuitions Credits: incredibleinditer It’s summer time  and   for few it’s the most boring part of  their college life as they can’t meet their friends frequently , but for few it’s the time  for some productive use of summer.  Part time jobs ! which has become a boon these days. Many youngsters are considering  it as a best option to keep themselves busy in the summer . There are many ways in which a youngster  can earn . The  reasons  for doing part time jobs are also many . Some do it to get rid of boredom . A few  do it... Read→

Rendezvous with nature. Credits : Dynamic Warrior The dark clouds of the exams season are about to eclipse the joy and happiness from the students life, the lucky few are trying are to escape and go places before they get buried under the tension of books and projects. As Ashok Jhajhria, a final year student from CMEC says, “We planned a trip to Rishikesh for hiking and trekking for a week to relax ourselves before our final exams, and with all the Telangana holidays and no classes it was easy to convince our folks at home to let us go too,... Read→

Spandana V care 1st Anniversery celebrations 01

V care,  a voluntary organization which cares for the differently abled children, organized a wonderful 1st year anniversary program named SPANDANA  at Hari Hara Kala Bhavan.The Chief Guest was Mr. Krishna Ranga Rao, MLA of Bobbili. The other delegates for the occasion included Shri P.V. Rajeshwar Rao, Ex-MP and son of Late Shri P.V. Narasimha Rao, Actress Telangana Shakuntala, Mr Daivagna Sharma, renowned numerologist, Ms Nirmala, Shri Madhusudhan Rao, Director or Doordarshan, Shri Krishna Kumar, The foyer of Hari Hara Kala Bhavan was filled... Read→

“I promise to fulfill all the aims and aspirations of my people. I will not spare anyone who tries to disrupt the peace in the society.” No! This is not a power-packed dialogue of our very own Balakrishna but, this heavy-worded script is of a very ‘concerned’ politician. It is widely believed that cricket and Bollywood are the 2 greatest passions of India. But, since every other cricketer & movie star is now a politician, why not merge the two and say politics is the greatest passion our country has ever witnessed? Politicians... Read→

Ragging the Social and Pyscological Evil of college goers. Credits : Dynamic Warrior

Life of an engineering student starts with one simple question – whether or not to take engineering as a studying option. The only problem which persists along the due course of study is that during all the ruckus and other important things, students forget the sole essence of studying engineering. Mrs. Sheetal Tara, mother of two college going kids shares her part of agony, “Before the admissions there were issues with admissions, counselling, and the availability of seats in the so-called reputed colleges, but once the kids get admissions... Read→

The Ideal Director of Youth - Swami Vivekananda 01

His thoughts impress, his words inspire, his deeds galvanize our ways and his ideas lay lanes to success. Primarily his simple attire might not be a reason to be influenced but surely his orations contribute loads of wisdom and have a lot to do with today. He might not be a man among us but the legacy he left behind for us shows and says a lot about a man who led an ascetic life- a life that takes generations to a different contemplative level. The man who led his life on a mission, a mission to educate people is SWAMI VIVEKANANDA. It’s rather... Read→

Boys will be boys 01

The Finance Minister has already announced the budget for the year 2010. Although no student will be earning much while studying, let’s see what kind of impact the New Budget has on the youth of today. Students and young guys are indirectly affected by the new budget released and will undergo some changes in their lifestyles. “Budget” is something, which fuels the whole nation. Money is the only thing, which has its influence on every walk of life; shell out a little more money and it eases the work to be done. Money has always brought pleasure... Read→

A cigarette supposedly 03

Call it the CANCER STICK in medical terms, the Death stick in moral terms, a Pipe by Sherlock Holmes in intellectual terms, a Hookah by the princely Nizams of Hyderabad in royal terms or a simple BEEDI in the hard working Rickshaw puller’s terms; they all lead one way, which is, definitely “DOWN THE DRAIN”. Debate on it during those long night outs with friends or when in a hospital with your smoking buddy on his death bed, a simple result springs out i.e Smoking definitely Kills. Will people stay away from the harmful Butt... Read→

Netizens Anthem 06 - Google India Screenshot

It’s not astonishing that ‘e’ is the most widely and frequently used letter in the English alphabet. Thanks to the internet, you can now e-mail an e-card to an e-friend or e-learn the e-commerce from an e-book! And if this doesn’t sound even remotely monotonous to one, then he/her must surely be one of those ‘Netizens’. The portmanteau ‘Netizen’ (Net (the internet) + Citizen) itself, today, is not an unfamiliar word to many, for the number of internet users (especially among the college-goers), it is burgeoning at an unprecedented... Read→


Hyderabadi – This word in general refers to a person residing in Hyderabad or belonging to the same or both, depending on how the person wishes to be called. While some people find it cool to be addressed as a ‘Hyderabadi’, the others prefer not be called by that because of the “not-so-dignified” feeling it gives. Chicken Biryani in Irani hotels, the sparkling choodi bazaar, special Haleem, the Charminar and the ultra-famous Golconda fort, there are infinitely many tags that define Hyderabad. With a population of more than 4 million... Read→

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